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Using Social Media to Reach Disengaged Learners

Basingstoke College of Technology:  The students’ council successfully increased learner participation in a range of activities and events.


Training Session - Getting Others Involved in Your Campaign

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Using Multiple Feedback Methods

Ruskin College: It is important that learners are actively encouraged and supported to offer feedback throughout their course to review the recent learning experience and capture the learning journey of the entire course.


Coaching and Mentoring for Learner Reps

This document contains three examples of different approaches to coaching and mentoring initiatives, addressing some of the challenges to keep learner representatives engaged and to help them feel confident in their new role.


Using Learner Views to Improve Experience

Walsall College: The college listens to, and makes very good use of, students’ views to improve further the quality of teaching, learning and assessment and to enrich their overall experience of college life.


Checklist for New Learner Reps and Student Officers

It is important that new Learner Reps and Student Officers are fully supported to ensure they understand their responsibilities and feel confident in their new role.


Tools and Tips to Engage a Diverse Student Body


Ofsted - Handbook for the inspection of further education and skills from September 2014

The Handbook for the inspection of further education and skills is in two parts. Part one is Conducting further education and skills inspections. It is guidance for inspectors and providers on the preparation for, and the implementation and conduct of, inspections. Part two is the Evaluation schedule for the inspection of further education and skills. It provides the main considerations for evaluation under each of the Common Inspection Framework’s principal […]


Putting the Students' Union at the Heart of Learner Voice

Dudley College: Making Learner Voice Learner-Led. Learners identify themselves as part of a vibrant, active student body and trust that when they share their views and opinions, they are taken seriously….


Measuring the Impact of Learner Voice

How do you measure learner voice? NUS believes that the starting point for colleges should be to consider why they support learner voice in the first place. It is easy to share practice and benchmark with others in terms of what you do and how you do it but it it’s why you do it that will separate your practice from the rest.