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Example Learner Engagement Strategy (Ludlow College)

The Further Education and Training Bill contains a clause that proposes a duty on the governing body to consult learners, prospective learners and employers. It is therefore important we develop a Learner Involvement Strategy through which we systematically collect the views of learners and act on their feedback to influence and shape the availability of services to ensure maximum benefit to the learner.


NUS: Steps to Engagement

NUS has a vision for all students’ unions to have the resources, the capacity, the support and the understanding to be able to engage their entire membership in all appropriate activities to enrich their college experience


FE Steps to Engagement Audit Tool

To be able to understand how you engage with your students and to be able to plan your future engagement activities you first need to understand your membership.


Example Learner Engagement Strategy (Derby College)

By involving Learners in the decision making processes of the College, the Learner Involvement Strategy (LIS) enables students to act as co-producers of their educational experience and the resulting outcomes. An integral part of this strategy is the Learner Involvement Policy (LIP)


NUS case study. BAE Systems: Making Learner Voice Sustainable

A first-hand account (from second year council members) of a positive experience and providing evidence that getting involved makes a difference, encourages participation from new apprentices.


Creative Approaches to Learner Engagement (Blue Cat Initiative)

Considering a varied approach, appealing to different learning styles and offering increasing levels of support to those learners who need it, should see an increase in engagement and participation.


How to gain support from your organisation: Prezi produced by the NUS

Often, you will need to work with your organisation to make important changes. Sometimes you will need support and guidance to be able to clearly explain and campaign for these.


Creating a Visible Learner Voice

The students’ council has purposefully established a clear and visible identity for learner voice, distinct from the college’s own branding.


NUS case study. Using Targeted Communication

City Literary Institute: The use of social media as a platform for student feedback is so successful there is now a dedicated member of staff to ensure a prompt response to the online comments.


Training session - What Skills does a Learner Rep Need

PowerPoint Presentation